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My Approach

It is very important that I build a good rapport with my clients in order to ensure a relaxed and trusting environment which facilitates clear two-way communication.  During hypnosis a person's subconscious mind is more open to suggestion and so being relaxed and at ease helps to ensure positive results.  I play focus meditation music while delivering hypnosis in order to enhance the overall experience.

Clinical hypnosis uses suggestion therapy in the form of carefully worded hypnotic scripts which helps clients to re-programme negative thought patterns. People 'imagine' in different ways, so during the session I use a variety of visualisation techniques which are tailored to suit each case.  For example, a visual person would imagine pictures; the auditory individual would work with sounds and the kinaesthetic type would access their feelings and sensations.  


By using positively phrased suggestions I can create an immediate change to the way a person thinks and behaves. The change feels easier because the 'deeper/sub conscious' part of the mind has been given the message and understands the end goal.


During a hypnotherapy session you will remember most of what has been said to you, however you may find that your concentration is so focused, or indeed that your mind has wandered, that other thoughts and feelings fade away. Please be reassured that you will remain in full control of yourself at all times.


Relaxation is one of the nice side effects that people experience when they leave the therapy room, feeling calm, positive and stress-free.

My Approach

Services & Price List


Approx. 45 Minutes

I provide a free initial consultation with clients to discuss their case and this would normally take place at my practice in Emerson Valley. The conversations are confidential and informal and there is no obligation to make a booking.

To help manage expectations, below is a rough guide to number of sessions required:


1-2 Sessions (approx. 90-120 minutes) £160

There are many ways to quit smoking but this highly successful Easy Quit Smoking Programme is completed in just one or two sessions (depending on client preference) and does not require an initial consultation.

This long running programme has years of proven success and received the Hypnotherapy Society’s Award for Clinical Excellence.


1-10 Sessions (up to 1 hour each) £75 per hour

Sometimes the difficulties we experience as adults stem from our childhood years.  By using regression techniques hypnoanalysis will take you back to your formative years.  During the sessions you will discover repressed memories and emotions which, once released, will help to relieve you of your mental neurosis and associated physical symptoms.


1-4 Sessions (up to1 hour each) £75 per hour

Many people suffer with disturbed sleep and this can impact enormously on the way we function in our daily lives.  Through hypnotherapy you will learn to switch off your busy brain and develop appropriate relaxation techniques in order to improve your sleep habits and wake up feeling refreshed.


1-6 Sessions (up to1 hour each) £75 per hour

A phobia is an irrational and disproportionate fear of an object or event. These fears have often been learned from authority figures in our childhood, such as our parents and teachers; those who have been instrumental in shaping our world and how we view it.

Phobias often involve a sense of danger or harm and may cause a reaction to such an extent that individuals avoid putting themselves into situations where they know they’ll come face to face with it.

Within a short space of time you can overcome your fundamental fears and continue your life without debilitating limitations.  


1-6 Sessions (up to 1 hour each) £75 per hour

We all suffer with self-doubt or imposter syndrome at one time or another, whether that's for public speaking; sporting events; theatrical performances; dating others and so on ... 

With some re-framing of thought processes and useful tools for longevity of success, you will see yourself becoming more self-assured and will be delighted with your new confident way of life.


1-6 Sessions (up to1 hour each) £75 per hour

Anxiety can be described as low level fear and it can manifest itself in a variety of ways - poor sleep, perspiration, dry mouth, nausea to name but a few.  The symptoms become present when conscious desires are in conflict with the subconscious mind.

With some re-framing of thought processes, confidence boosting and relaxation techniques you will begin to feel calmer and more at ease with the things you want to achieve in life. 


1-10 Sessions (up to1 hour each) £75 per hour

Break those habits!  Using the Six-Step Re-frame therapy process we will work together to make changes to habits, behaviours and symptoms that will enable your newly desired way of being.


Number of sessions as desired

Approx. 1 hour session (£75)

I provide tailored sessions in order to relieve mild anxiety and improve relaxation.  You will create a 'happy place' which you can return to any time you need to rest your mind and take a mental holiday.


Number of sessions dependent on issue £75 per session

BWRT® is an amazing additional tool for dealing with many of the same issues as listed above.  This technique is based on recent discoveries in neuroscience about how the brain receives and stores information. It is incredibly fast and effective. With BWRT® there is no requirement for the client to share personal information about their worries or secrets if they choose not to.

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