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Hypnotherapy in Schools

I'm delighted to be a practitioner for the Hypnotherapy in Schools Programme (HISP) working in a number of educational settings across Milton Keynes.  HISP is an intervention that uses clinical hypnotherapy to support the learning and/or general well-being of pupils.  

Many of the children I work with often come from disadvantaged backgrounds, are school refusers or present with traits linked to autism/ADHD and other neurological disorders.  

There is an ever-growing need for mental health support and hypnotherapy is a very safe and effective method at dealing with a wide variety of issues.  The model that I offer schools is flexible, however, I generally work on a 1:1 basis with pupils to help them manage issues such as unhelpful thoughts, anxiety, anger, unwanted habits, grief, low self-esteem/confidence, OCD behaviours, pain control, enuresis and so on.  I provide evaluations and a final report to feed in to OFSTED targets and other school measures.


I am also able to offer hypnotherapy/psychotherapy to staff in order to help them better manage symptoms of stress and other issues to allow them to feel emotionally and mentally well.

HISP incorporates many techniques including hypnotherapy, guided imagery, NLP, direct/indirect suggestion and metaphors to help pupils overcome or manage issues that are preventing them from learning effectively within school.  It teaches them ways to manage their presenting symptoms so that the negative effect on learning/well-being is reduced.  

If you would like to find out more about HISP then please get in touch with me directly at: or take a look at the HISP main website:

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